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DOMAIN NAME PRICE AGE-YEARS REGISTERED-DATE $395.00 24 5/6/1996 $1,995.00 22 4/9/1998 $595.00 20 10/29/2000 $295.00 19 5/30/2002 $695.00 18 6/27/2002 $695.00 18 3/28/2003 $395.00 18 3/29/2003 $1,995.00 18 11/25/2002 $9,995.00 18 5/13/2002 $595.00 18 6/20/2002 $5,995.00 18 4/28/2003 $595.00 18 6/27/2002 $1,895.00 18 6/28/2002 $1,195.00 18 4/5/2003 $2,695.00 18 7/10/2002 $995.00 17 9/9/2003 $495.00 17 7/9/2003 $495.00 17 6/5/2003 $395.00 17 4/25/2003 $795.00 17 8/2/2003 $495.00 17 6/9/2003 $595.00 16 11/27/2004 $995.00 16 11/27/2004 $495.00 16 12/11/2004 $695.00 16 11/24/2004 $295.00 15 10/4/2005 $895.00 15 12/2/2005 $595.00 15 11/1/2005 $695.00 15 2/12/2006 $1,995.00 13 7/31/2007 $7,995.00 12 4/24/2009 $595.00 12 4/21/2009 $495.00 11 2/14/2010 $1,995.00 11 4/26/2010 $995.00 10 6/3/2010 $495.00 9 4/30/2012 $395.00 9 4//30/2012 $695.00 8 8/7/2012 $395.00 8 4/30/2012 $395.00 8 4/30/2012 $1,695.00 7 10/1/2013 $595.00 7 2/16/2013 $195.00 2 8/1/2018 $195.00 2 8/1/2018 $195.00


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 Why are they called – “Aged Domains”?

As its name says, an aged domain is a domain address that has a few years around the internet. They have previously been used for other websites, but they have now been discontinued. Some of the main reasons for this: Aged domains have previous ranking power that can be powerful tools when developing your website.

Domain age for SEO is extremely important, it is actually one of the main advantages of purchasing one.

When business owners look for aged domains, what they’re often really seeking is a domain name registered long ago. It benefits the business in terms of rankings with Alexa and Google. Recent studies shows that “aged domain names” rank well among the other newly registered domain names due to their age and matrix. Google really loves aged names. Getting an old registered domain name is also important as having a good product or a website design. You should seriously consider kickstarting your business marketing campaign with a great “aged domain”.

The business name does not only represent your business, but it also portrays a positive impression on your social media accounts, the phone calls, the customer service, packages, business cards, and portfolios.

Your brand name is the first impression of your business and about the products you offer. Once you decide it, it’s very hard to change it. For instance, a 10-year-old domain probably has many backlinks that tell Google “I only publish quality content” which immediately increases your chances of being at the top o Google rankings. In other words, Google looks at a domain that has been so long on the web as something that must be interesting.

An old domain contains many backlinks that it has gained over the years. It’s just a matter of time before you watch it grow in Goggle rankings. Google considers the age of domain names. This is another important reason to consider when looking for aged domains, “search engines trust in old domains more than new ones”.

In fact, they have considered a more secure and better tool to start any marketing strategy. First, spammers don’t usually last long on the internet. Second, aged domains are already popular in the networking world as well as Alexa and Google rank. Luckily, aged domain owners have already registered their page into many directories, that is to say, it will be much easier and simpler to update your information with a pre-existing directory.

It provides the right traffic – Another key benefit that you should consider is that “Aged Domains” can make you gain traffic much faster than a brand-new domain. The reason is simple, aged domains already have a crucial source of traffic that will improve your industry sales. Furthermore, purchasing an aged domain will be a useful tool to target sub-niches as well as improving the existing backlink portfolio.

Choosing an aged domain – Your domain name will be everything for your business so there are a few points you have to consider before going for your first one. The “challenge” for every business owner is to find an aged domain that is brandable and easy to remember. An aged domain name is easily brandable for any business.

The point is to get a domain name with a generic link profile so you won’t have to use a specific anchor text. The older the domain the better – As you heard it before, domain age is one of the key factors to know if your website will be worth it.

An old domain is known for the authority that it has established over the years. In other words, they are more trustworthy and accepted by search engines. WhoIs’s details are an important tool to understand how old a domain is. However, it also depends when the website was launched since the search engines don’t consider either domain that was dropped or websites that don’t exist on the domain.

This may be the tough part because you’ll have to pick a domain name that is related to your website niche, but the results are especially important for your business. Being on the top of this ranking meant that your website was incredibly important.

Traffic – A site that only gets a couple of visitors per month won’t be much of a help for your business. This may be an extra tip, but we do recommend you to check the monthly traffic in order to get more quality references. Having many visitors means more inquiries for guest posts and more sales!

Backlinks – All links that a website gets from other websites are considered backlinks. They are extremely important when improving a website’s SEO since search engines use factors such as backlinks to calculate rankings. The aged domains should have links that come from other domains so Google can consider your website as a high-quality content one.

You must always use the Wayback Machine search tool after visiting the Web Archive. This is a crucial step to check whether the domain name was previously used for any purposes that Google blacklisted.








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